What is it? Vad är det? - ¿Qué es? Mikä se on?


A great oportunity to broaden perceptions, ideas and to get new international collegues

Contact me and we will organize it for you. Due to our S.E.F. courses we have personal contacts to especially Spain and the Canarian Islands, but also to some Latin American countries.

I want to work personally taking everybody into account, so please contact me to tell me about when and where you would like to do a "jobshadowing" or recieve a "Jobshadower" to observe and stay with you.


Follow the work of a fellow teacher in Finland - Spain

There is no exact theory for how to do it. The general idea is that the jobshadower follows the work of the receiving teachers and observes the schoolday in many ways. The jobshadower shows great respect towards the groups of students and the school staff, being humble and takes part in the work of the teachers if asked to. We recommend to do a period of two weeks.  

Everybody learns - a very educative experience!


Not everybody is brave enough to either go to a new place in a new country, with a language they don´t understand totally, to observe (and be observed). OR to receive an adult colleague to observe the own way of working. BUT those who do - they learn so much, in both positions - and are gratefull to each other. A great opportunity for reflexion and constructive feedback.

Give it a try - what could you loose?


Tell me and I´ll get back to you: sheila.tackman(a)gmail.com


Welcome, välkommen, bienvenid@, tervetuloa!



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